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Teakwood Contractor Sees 3,733% Return on Investment in Less Than 60 Days with PPC Advertising from Highly Persuasive

See how we achieved rapid revenue generation for a commercial wood manufacturer & contractor targeting
high value commercial clients in Asia, The Middle East, Europe, Australia & the US.

The Challenge

GGI Myanmar is a family-owned premium hardwood manufacturer and contractor based in Yangon, Myanmar offering residential and commercial services for hardwood flooring, decking, paneling, boat decking and furniture around the world.

GGI Myanmar competes against some of the largest specialty hardwood manufacturers in Southeast Asia. Many have dedicated advertising budgets & the ability to undercut market prices of smaller competitors.

Although GGI enjoys a large market share in Yangon and greater Myanmar, the brand wanted to enter new markets throughout Southeast Asia, Eastern & Western Europe, The Middle East & The United States.

The Solution

In order to reach & convert new clients, we determined that higher-paying residential, commercial & export projects would be the ideal type of inquiries to focus on generating.

Highly Persuasive was engaged to help GGI spread brand awareness & increase the number of inbound inquiries. After an in-depth discovery session, we knew that an objective-driven marketing & advertising strategy had to be built from the ground up. The campaign needed to accomplish two primary objectives.

1) The website needed to make a good first impression by showcasing past projects in multiple locations around the world while at the same time always driving visitors towards completing the one key objective, filling out the inquiry form in order to get a free quotation.

2) Reach the right people with a narrowly focused pay per click advertising campaign targeting high-value residential & commercial buying intent. We accomplished this through strategic targeting & negative keywords to cut down on unqualified clicks & drive maximum engagement.

Google Adwords Advertising (PPC) enables companies to bid on keyword searches in Google search results that are relevant to their business. Advertisers only pay when someone clicks the ads.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the act of optimizing your website to rank higher in organic search results. Top listings appear first because they’re highly relevant and Google recognizes the pages as an authority. Advertisers cannot pay to place their sites higher in these results.

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Marketing Strategies

Effective PPC advertising is all about matching user intent (the keyword searches) with the right information (the landing pages). Although the primary nature of the campaign was a pay-per-click advertising approach, we also had to make sure that the website and landing pages were set up correctly to preemptively answer buyer questions and optimize for conversions.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Objective driven ppc advertising campaigns designed to get results

Conversion Rate Optimization

80/20 conversion optimization to amplify what's working and cut out what isn't

Website & Landing Page Design

Website and landing pages designed to convince and convert

Direct Response Marketing

Incremental and goal-driven marketing strategy that works towards a final objective one step at a time

Social Media Marketing

Cohesive social media marketing campaigns designed to work hand in hand with ppc to drive conversions

Search Engine Optimization

Fully optimized website landing pages in order to stand out in Google search and get noticed

Key Results

3,733% Return on Ad Spend in Less Than 60 Days

Key Results

1,750% Increase in Qualified Residential, Commercial & Export leads

The Results

The results in the first 2 months of the campaign have been phenomenal. We’ve seen a 1,750% increase in qualified monthly leads (from 2 to 37) directly attributed to the campaign plus more importantly, a 3,733% Return on Ad Spend!

  • 3,733% Return on Ad Spend & Management Fees
  • 1,750% increase in qualified residential, commercial & export leads
  • 3.6% conversion rate from ad clicks to inquires (3,500% increase)
  • 5.79% Conversion Rate from inquires to Paying Clients (5,690% Increase)
From The Client

Highly Persuasive did an amazing job with this project. We’re very impressed at the ROAS and actually, the ad campaign is still ongoing as it keeps producing results

Aung Soe KyawManaging Director - GGI Myanmar

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