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Do you have a Facebook page for your business? Is it generating inquiries, leads, and website visits for your company on a regular basis? If not read on because you could be losing out on a large number of sales each month to your competitors who are using Facebook to connect with and attract new customers.

According to the Facebook investor report as of April 2018, Facebook now has more than 2.2 billion monthly users worldwide.  With more and more businesses turning to Facebook for exposure and reach instead of traditional publishing, marketing and advertising, the competition has increased significantly and the need to stand out & communicate your value as a brand is more important than ever.

Unfortunately for many businesses that try online marketing and advertising through social media, small mistakes across the online brand experience can add up quickly & lead to a bad first impression on potential customers inadvertently, resulting in a loss of sales revenue to competitors.

While some elements like poor design and mismatched marketing/advertising require professional assistance, there are some free and easy optimizations you can make to your Facebook page right now to increase comments, shares, likes, website visits and messages.

Even better, if your competitors aren’t utilizing these strategies you’ll be at a major advantage in your niche/industry.

#1: Fill Out Your Facebook Business Page Completely

Facebook offers lots of different opportunities to personalize your business page with your company branding and essential information.

It’s worth taking the time to fill these sections out completely and correctly as they all contribute to the overall image of your brand and marketing on Facebook.

  1. Your profile picture
  2. Your cover photo
  3. Business and Team Photos
  4. Address / Location
  5. Telephone Number
  6. Email Address
  7. Website URL Link
  8. Customized Page Username
  9. Business Category
  10. Products and Services Offered
  11. Opening Hours
  12. Description/About Us


#2: Turn On Ratings  & Reviews For Your Page

Marketing and Design Agency BangkokIf you set up your Facebook page as a local business, you have the option to collect and display ratings and reviews from your customers right on your page.

Why is it important? Because enabling ratings and reviews shows that you “have nothing to hide” as a business and works towards establishing your credibility and authority with your target audience. They can also help your potential customers who are still considering whether or buy from you, make a decision, based on your past customer’s experiences.

While you can’t ask customers to review your business for incentives directly, you can simply let them know that they can now review your business on  Facebook if they would like. The best time to mention this is usually right after a project finishes and it’s still fresh in both you and your customer’s mind. At this time, they will be in the best position to provide an honest review of your business and be able to list the benefits and challenges working with your company.

While it might seem scary to open your business to potential negative feedback and public criticism, most people are not out to take you down and the benefits of showing your customer’s satisfaction far outweigh any potential negatives.


#3: Make Sure Your Page is Branded

Your Facebook page is a representation of your business, so it’s important to keep it looking professional and cohesive. Add a high resolution profile and cover photo that utilizes your logo, products, services, messaging and brand colors.

Take this example from Coca Cola Thailand. Notice their logo and branding are consistent across their business page and helps to tell their story.

The cover photo is also a great opportunity to showcase other aspects of your organization

  • Brand Awareness
  • Promotional Campaigns
  • Products & Services
  • Team Members
  • Charity Contributions


#4: Add Your Company Media To The Videos Section

Add your press mentions, product videos, tutorials,  company videos, commercials, or any other type of branded company media to your Facebook videos section.

Use descriptive titles to target SEO keyword searches both on and off Facebook.

Facebook now allows video advertising, so there are various opportunities to promote your media directly within video on Facebook.


#5: Collect Valuable Feedback From Your Audience

Want to know what your customers really think about your business? Ask them directly.

A survey not only encourages engagement with your page, but it can also help you discover important insights into your audience that you most likely wouldn’t otherwise acquire, things like the type of language customers use to talk about your products / services, advantages and disadvantages of using your products/services, and ideas for product, service, and company improvement.

You can ask your audience directly with a standard post or use Facebook’s own survey apps. Which route you use depends on the complexity of the questions and  and if you want to collect additional information (like email addresses) that you can’t collect publicly on your Facebook page.


#6: Stay Up To Date & Post Consistently

One of the biggest conversion killers we see on Facebook business pages is lack of consistency in social media posting. When a customer visits your Facebook page for the very first time, their first move is to look at your about summary, photos, and your latest posts. If the last post on your page was from a year or two ago, there are lot of negative questions and associations that quickly come to mind, such as:

  • Are they still in business?
  • Why aren’t they posting regularly?
  • What happens if something goes wrong, will I be able to contact them?

These are just  a few examples but as you can see these are the types of questions that immediately lower or altogether ruin your chances of gaining new business. Keep your page looking current and up to date with daily or weekly postings.

Lastly, if you can, try to post your updates at the same time every week. This will help your audience build a routine in their mind with your brand and work to increase engagement levels.


#7: Respond to All Comments (even the negative ones)

Responding to comment activity makes you look up to date and easy to contact, both key elements in successful branding. People like to see that you take the time to respond to your subscribers and address their needs individually.

Negative feedback is one of the most over looked aspects of social media marketing. Dealing with upset customers can be challenging,  however,  even negative comments can contain positive branding opportunities if you take advantage of them right away.

The thing is most people just want their problem solved, and if  you can make a genuine effort do that for them in a timely manner, they are not only likely to remain your customer, but also to recommend to a friend based on the experience.

For example, if you sold something to a customer and messed up the shipping address and the customer left negative feedback letting you know, you still have an opportunity to turn the situation around by showing your commitment to getting it right. You can do this by offering something above and beyond the average to apologize for the error and possibly keep the customer.


#8: Teach Your Audience Something Valuable

The great thing about inbound marketing is that it gives businesses a way to advertise their products and services without directly selling.

When it comes to promoting your business and selling your products and services on Facebook, things can get a bit tricky. On one hand you want to share your products with potential customers that could benefit greatly from using them, but on the the other hand you don’t want to risk coming across as spammy and being ignored. What do you do?

Instead of going for the direct sell, which is often ineffective on social media, teaching your audience something valuable through your content is much more effective. Informing your audience about an area or topic that you specialize in will work to increase your trust and authority, as it provides your audience with actual value.


The Key Takeaway

Facebook has the power to play a major role in your marketing, advertising, and sales objectives for your business.  To stay ahead of the competition, make sure to optimize your page, post regularly, and provide value to your audience. If you do that, you are sure to see noticeable changes in engagement and lead generation through your Facebook page.

Need help with your social media marketing and advertising? Send us a message for custom quotation.

Photos: Shutterstock

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