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Can We Double
Your Leads
in 60 Days?

Don’t leave your marketing strategy to chance.
Uncover easy wins & strategic opportunities that can
result in major increases to monthly revenue with a full-featured Strategic Marketing Blueprint.

Would You Like Us To Create A Marketing Blueprint For Your Business, For Free?

What would happen if you had a blueprint for how to increase inbound leads by 100-500%+ over the next few months while spending the same or less on marketing & advertising?

Imagine if you had one marketing system working around the clock for your business to find ideal buyers and persuade them to buy, automatically.

You would instantly have an advantage over 95% of your local competition. But there’s a problem, two, in fact. Here they are.

First, these types of marketing systems are complex to plan out & build. They require advanced marketing strategies that most freelancers & small agencies don’t specialize in. Second, It’s only human to wonder…

Will This Work For My Business Specifically?

If you’re asking yourself that question right now, it means that you’re smart. Because the truth is these marketing systems can work extremely well for some types of businesses, that doesn’t mean they’re a great fit for every business. 

We’ll also tell you something most marketing agencies won’t: There’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” marketing funnel.

Why? Because your business really is different. 

You have your own unique brand personality, position, message, target market, services, price points, and ways of selling.

Remain skeptical of anyone that promises massive results without first taking the time to truly understand your business, how it works, and if it’s right for you. That’s exactly what we do with the Strategic Marketing Blueprint.

We take the time to get to know your business and what you’re trying to achieve right now. If we can help you, great, if we can’t we want to let you know as quickly as possible so that you don’t waste time.

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What We'll Cover In Your Strategic Marketing Blueprint

We’ll give your business a comprehensive evaluation and provide you with recommendations on strategic changes that can result in massive revenue & growth in your company.

→ Buyer’s Demand Report

We uncover valuable keywords and search terms that customers are using to find the services related to your business. We identify the top 5 keywords that are most likely to lead to sales revenue for your business & determine the difficulty to rank your website for these keywords through SEO. (Valued at $495)

→ Marketing Discovery Session

 We dive deep into your business to understand your current situation & which marketing & lead generation strategies will have the most significant impact on your business. Sometimes even minor tweaks to your existing strategies can lead to major results. (Valued at $995).

→ Professional SEO & Competitive Analysis –

Compare your website against 70 best practices in direct response marketing, psychology, copywriting & conversion optimization. We’ll identify the most crucial findings so that you can focus on what will drive the biggest results. (valued at $795).

→ The 70 Point  Conversion Evaluation

Compare your website against 70 best practices in direct response marketing, psychology, copywriting & conversion optimization. We’ll identify the most crucial findings so that you can focus on what will drive the biggest results. (valued at $795).

→ Lead Generation Shortlist: 3 Campaigns To Focus On

Based on your marketing discovery session, we identify which three lead generation strategies that will drive results for your business, in the next 30 days, 90 days, and over the next 12 months. (valued at $495)

→ The Big Picture Marketing Blueprint –

We tie all of it together into one big picture strategy action plan you can use to attract new clients for your business over the next 1, 3, 12 months. (valued at $995)

→ Bonus: Brand Strategy Planning Document –

Planning out your brand strategy in a way that maximizes every touchpoint of your business is normally pretty difficult to come by… but not for you. We’re including our brand strategy planning checklist to organize your existing brand strategy or plan out a rebrand from a bird’s eye view. (Valued at $395)

5 Ways The Strategic Marketing Blueprint Is Designed To Work
Overtime For Your Brand

The Strategic Marketing Blueprint is designed to work towards achieving these five big picture objectives, usually through a mix of different marketing, lead generation & advertising strategies.

1) Increase Brand Authority. Demonstrate your credibility as a brand by constantly working to position your business as an authority within your market.

2) Diversify Lead Generation. Focus on getting a steady stream of interest pouring into your marketing pipeline from a wide variety of sources, so you’re never reliant on any one channel.

3) Improve Conversion Rates. Get more results from your existing setups by working on elements in conversion design, social proof, design thinking & direct response marketing. Even small changes to conversion rates can result in massive revenue increases.

4) Generate Reviews & Referrals. Boost your reviews and referrals by doing strategic outreach campaigns and marketing automation that encourage clients to recommend you or leave feedback at the perfect time.

5) Increase Sales Revenue. Whether that’s capturing revenue from new customers or increasing revenue streams from existing customers, our goal is to maximize leads, prospects, and revenue from all of your sales channels.

Why On Earth Are We Giving Away $4,950+ Of Advanced Marketing & Brand Strategy Consulting Services, All For Free?

It’s more straightforward than you might think. As you may have guessed, we do have a hidden motive for doing this… and it’s two-fold.

First of all, we get help small business owners for free by giving them strategic marketing advice they would normally have to pay lots of money for. In fact, we normally bill at least $500/hour for short term consulting engagements.

Second, we know that a certain percentage of the business owners that we help will end up becoming our clients.

Businesses with high-value services or high-value customer lifetime values know that a marketing system that brings in qualified leads consistently and reliably is crucial to have for a couple of reasons.

It’s incredibly valuable in terms of revenue generation potential & scalability for the business. If you can find 1-3 channels that bring in leads that are likely to buy, you can afford to invest more in those channels to get more results.

With competition at all-time highs, it’s also essential from a brand positioning perspective to keep your brand top of mind with ideal customers & stay two steps ahead of your competitors. 

If that sounds like you, great. We’re going to provide real-world value for your business. But rather than trying to convince you of how great all of that would be if you gave us some money, we want to show you the value first and talk about money later. 

We’ll Give You A Custom “Blueprint” Of Marketing & Lead Generation Strategies Specifically For Your Business, FREE.

We’ve set aside some time each week specifically for doing Strategic Marketing Blueprint. 

This is the time that you can have our direct response marketing, advertising & branding agency personally review your business. 

We’ll work with you to determine your sales goals, the ideal number of leads you need to get on a monthly basis, and what your ideal lifetime revenue per client to be.

What Happens After You Get Your Strategic Marketing Blueprint?

After we map out your entire Strategic Marketing Blueprint, one of these three things will happen:

1. You find the advanced marketing & lead generation strategies in the Blueprint incredibly valuable and see opportunities to implement them in your business right away –  by yourself. You see the power in the strategy we’re advocating and recognize opportunities to put these strategies in motion within your business by yourself.

We aren’t mad at you, it’s quite the opposite. That’s why we’re doing these strategy sessions in the first place. We know that we can help all types of small business owners find new customers, even if they aren’t working with us…yet

If that’s the case, we’re happy that we could help you and we wish you the best of luck with your next steps.

2.You want to implement the strategies in your business yourself, but you want us to assist you in a consulting role. You’ll still want to handle all of the execution in house, but you want to bounce ideas off us to make sure that everything is heading down the right path at all times.

We’ll also assist in analyzing & tweaking ongoing campaigns, playing devil’s advocate to point out strategic opportunities/concerns that you can use to your advantage.

3. You want our agency to put all of this in action for your business right away through a done for you approach. You want a turnkey solution where we handle every aspect of the marketing for you, including strategy, planning, automation, setup, execution & measurement. If that’s the case, we can get started immediately. 

What Happens When We Handle Your Marketing For You?

Based on everything we’ve learned about your business in the Strategic Marketing Blueprint, we’ll have a strong understanding of your business situation and what matters most in the next 1,3,12 months.

We’ll know which marketing & lead generation strategies are most likely to lead to significant changes for your business and why.

Once you come on board as a client, everything gets taken to a whole other level. There’s more research, planning, and strategizing and the campaign and lead generation strategies identified in the blueprint get fully mapped out.

We can talk about everything that’s included at this stage of the journey later on, but essentially we’re taking everything we’ve already established and putting it into real-world action for your business.

Here Are Seven of The Marketing & Lead Generation Strategies We Can Implement in Your Blueprint

1. The Golden Distribution Principle:

Tap into the mysterious law of distribution by using the Golden Distribution Principle.

We’ll show you how and where this principle is already operating in your business & how you can use it to your advantage right away.

The Golden Distribution Principle can help you analyze your existing performance and uncover valuable insights that allow you to maximize your results from a minimal amount of effort. 

2. The Ready To Buy Campaign

The fastest & most straightforward way to find new customers is to buy them. 

You can buy them directly from lead brokers that specialize in your industry or you can purchase unwanted leads from your direct competitors. 

The most lucrative leads will be the ones you get by yourself from paid lead generation campaigns.  

The Ready To Buy Campaign is designed to connect you with lucrative & highly qualified leads looking for the services you sell and are ready to buy right now.

3. The Foundation Campaign

Some things may never go back to the way they were before the pandemic. Depending on your industry, the way that customers buy from you might be one of them.  

Customers are more comfortable than ever researching, comparing, eliminating & shortlisting service providers based entirely on their websites.

Many don’t even consider reaching out or interacting with a sales rep until after they’ve completed their competitive research and are ready to buy.

The Foundation Campaign is all about converting your most valuable online asset (your website) into the core of your marketing & sales funnel.

4. The Low Hanging Fruit Campaign

Did you know that the average sale takes 5-8 touches before a purchase takes place? Yet the majority of all website visits are one-off visits.

If your website visitors and prospects aren’t interacting with you more than one or two times, they’re highly unlikely to convert on those first couple of visits. If you don’t have a strategy in place to track and retarget those visitors in different places online, they’re essentially lost forever. 

The Low Hanging Fruit campaign helps you stay top of mind with those customers who didn’t buy but almost did.

5. The Brand Visibility Campaign

Make your business more visible in online search so that you can be more visible to people who are searching for the services you sell, especially in your area.

If you’ve never had your website optimized for Google search before, even basic optimization is likely to produce a boost in search traffic & increase your rankings within the first few months.

The Brand Visibility Campaign focuses on optimizing your website so that you appear higher in the Google search results and show up when people are searching for businesses like yours. 

6. The Remember Me Campaign

The Remember Me campaign is one of the easiest ways for businesses to generate new revenue from previously warm leads and clients. 

The idea is to reach out to your former leads &  clients and let them know that you value their business and want to get them back.

Depending on the size of your customer database, this activity alone could bring you all the new business you can handle for the next 3- 6 months.

7. The Brand Advisor Campaign

A strategic referral program is an often overlooked way to generate highly qualified leads for your business that are more likely to convert into clients 

The Brand Advisor Campaign helps you achieve more ratings, reviews, testimonials & customer referrals for your business by creating or modernizing your referral program.

These are just seven of the different types of marketing & lead generation campaigns that we can use in your Strategic Marketing Blueprint.

These Seven Campaigns Are Only The Beginning

Remember when we said that there’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” marketing funnel? There isn’t, and there’s no way we’d give you all of the information in the Blueprint and just send you on your way.

You need a way to tie all of it together into one big picture action plan for your business to attract new clients. That’s why…

We Combine Everything Into One Big Picture Marketing Strategy For Your Business

We take everything we’ve learned about your business so far and identify the major actions that will lead to the largest impact on your business the fastest.

These are customized recommendations based on what you’re currently doing, what is working, and what could be adjusted to increase results.

We want to help you find the low-hanging fruit of your marketing & lead generation strategies so that you get big wins relatively quickly. We give you a big picture breakdown of what areas of your marketing to focus on to drive these results.

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Get Marketing Insights That Drive Sales

Don’t leave your marketing strategy to chance, let us uncover key elements that can lead to major increases in monthly revenue and create a tribe of raving customers that can’t wait to recommend you to their friends and family.

Get A Direct Response Marketing Agency On Your Team for Free

Our team consists of experienced marketering & branding specialists with lots of expereince in direct response marketing & advertising. Our services are entirely driven by your sales and marketing objectives, whether that’s making a great first impression, generating leads, or closing the sale, we don’t leave anything to chance.

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Here’s The “Catch” That You’ve Been Looking For

We can’t work with everyone. Although we’d like to help every business, we have to limit our availability to businesses that can meet a few basic criteria

1. You can’t be involved in any shady business like gambling, porn, or any type of scam (we check). 

2. You have to have an existing business that’s already fully operational and making money every month. This isn’t for beginners, concepts, or startups.

3. You should already be investing in some form of marketing or advertising in your business (or be willing to). Most of the strategies require some sort of marketing/advertising budget to generate new customers.

Which Businesses Are The Best Fit For The Strategic Marketing Blueprint?

Businesses with medium-high value services or a medium-high customer lifetime value (CLV) will get the most significant value from these types of marketing strategies.

B2B, Dentists, Medical, Law Firms, Contractors, Construction, HVAC, Home Services, Tourism Activities, Hospitality & all other types of professional service companies can often find high rates of success quickly by implementing these strategies within their business.

Which Businesses Aren’t A Great Fit For The Strategic Marketing Blueprint?

The truth is that we’d love to help everyone, but there are some businesses where the strategies we normally advise in The Strategic Marketing Blueprint just don’t make sense.

Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing, Youtubers, E-commerce, Commodity Retail Shops, Fashion & Clothing Brands are generally not ideal candidates for the Strategic Marketing Blueprint, with a few important exceptions, like if you have high order values or high lifetime customer values.

These types of businesses will usually find better results by focusing on more cost-effective types of strategies like promotions, sales, and social media to drive sales.

Here’s How Much It Costs If You Decide You Want Us To Implement   Your Blueprint For You

In the event you’d like us to implement these campaigns directly in your business and take care of everything for you, here’s how much it costs to bring us onboard.

We specialize in a variety of marketing, branding, advertising & design services surrounding direct response. The level of investment varies depending on the deliverables and scope of your campaign.

Standalone services like Google Ads, Website Management & Facebook/Instagram Advertising can range from $500 – $1,500/month (not including ad spend). Larger and more integrated marketing and lead generation campaigns are usually in the $1,500 – $4,000/ month.

Ultimately the pricing depends on exactly what needs to be achieved but we’re deliberately keeping it very, very affordable so all types of small businesses can access it.

Anyway – as you can imagine, there is a lot of interest in The Strategic Marketing Blueprint from small business owners & leaders like yourself. As we’re a small business ourselves, our availability for these Blueprints is limited.

We can only help a small number of businesses per month so if you want to reserve a space for your business…here’s what to do next.

Ready To Get A Strategic Marketing Blueprint For Your Business?
Here’s What To Do Next

First, fill in the quick contact form below.  After we receive your inquiry we’ll send you a brief questionnaire to help us get prepared for our first call.

Don’t worry, it’s nothing major. This info helps us start working on blueprint ideas before we talk so as soon as we’re on the phone,  we can hit the ground running and make progress immediately.

Once we’ve received your questionnaire, we’ll schedule a time for your Blueprint Strategy, usually within the next 1-3 days. If you’re ready to get started now, simply fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Then We Have Everything We Need To Schedule Create Your Strategic Marketing Blueprint, All For FREE.

Once we’re ready to get started, we will give you a call or send an email to get you scheduled for your session as soon as possible, typically no more than 3 days from when we first hear from you.

Don’t worry, you’re not going to experience a high-pressure sales pitch or a long boring sales presentation, this is truly consultative and is designed to provide real value to your business.

If you want to become a client after that, great. And if not, no pressure. Oh, and speaking of the blueprint, 

If This Sounds Like A Match, Here’s What Happens When We Hop
On The Phone!

First, we shut up and listen. We want to find out exactly how your business works (or how you want it to work).

We need to understand what you’re selling (or plan to sell), what your price points are, what your upsells and cross-sells are, and everything else you want to tell us.

Then we ask some strategic questions like what your sales goals are, how many leads you want to generate each month, what you want your average sale to be worth, what you want your upsells to be, and which services are your best sellers and so forth.

We want to know where you are and where you want to be. Then we can start to build the plan to get you there. 

And That’s Where The Strategic Marketing Blueprint Takes Shape

The way that works is we’ll diagnose and prescribe a marketing & lead generation strategy and map it out for your business.

Like we’ve said a few times already – there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” marketing strategy.

That’s why we create a custom blueprint based entirely on your current business, sales process & top-priority goals.

Next: Using Your Strategic Marketing Blueprint In Your Business

There are three ways you can use the blueprint we give you.

First, you can build all of the campaigns yourself in house. If that’s your decision, we’re happy that we could help and wish you the best of luck.

Second, you still want to handle your marketing in-house but you want us to collaborate from an advisory role. Advising on campaign creation, execution, sales funnels, conversion funnels, playing devil’s advocate & other tasks that fall under an advisory role.

The third choice is to have us do all of this for you. If that’s your choice we’ll prepare a custom proposal based on the needs & requirements of your campaign and get started right away.

But whatever you decide, please know there will be no high-pressure sales tactics or shame selling to become a client.

Ready to get started? 

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