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Tom Gray
Tom G.
Zaw Zaw
Zaw Z.
Chris O'Leary
Chris O.
The brand identity that Highly Persuasive designed for us was exactly the type of image and style we wanted to convey. Excellent work!
Pearn Neal
Pearn N.
Annie Mahler
Annie M.
Zin Wine
Zin W.
Chelsea Charlie
Chelsea C.
Rapid Transfer
Rapid T.
We recently had a new logo done for our financial services website as it was greatly in need of a refresh. We ended up going with the mini-branding package that also included letterhead and business. In the end, the result is very impressive, and that was after we had to correct an error made on our part for the address, which required them to go back and revise everything again. Very professional and fast to respond to messages as well.
Shirley Huff
Shirley H.
NaMade Namade
NaMade N.
Mae Randall
Mae R.
Carl Graham
Carl G.
Ponsan Nasompong
Ponsan N.
Chaw Pyae Ye Htut
Chaw Pyae Ye H.
Highly Persuasive is your one stop solution for any branding and creative digital marketing work! We are very happy with the overall outcome of our projects - 100% recommend!
Myoe Htet
Myoe H.
Hazel Murray
Hazel M.
Cole Bryan
Cole B.
Dress Closet
Dress C.
It’s been a great experience working with your team. We have learned a great deal and really appreciate everyone’s hard work in helping out. Highly recommended. Thanks so much!
Than Tun
Than T.
Pamela Condrey
Pamela C.
Taiya Hongsiriraj
Taiya H.
Awesome work!
สุพัตตรา หลวงพระจำเรีญ
สุพัตตรา ห.
Aung Zaw Moe
Aung Zaw M.
Natchaya Wattana
Natchaya W.
All commissioned designs exceeded our expectations and were very well received by our shareholders! Thanks again!
Christopher O'leary
Christopher O.
Ximena Everett
Ximena E.
Christopher O'Leary
Christopher O.
Thomas Reeves
Thomas R.
Elayne Santos
Elayne S.
Than Myint
Than M.
Yin Yin Nu
Yin Yin N.
Orathai Selalast
Orathai S.
Faizal GGI Myanmar
Faizal GGI M.
Excellent service with professional workmanship and 24 hours after sales services gives us the satisfaction .
Naraporn Tangveeroo
Naraporn T.
We needed a brand refreshment for our coffee shop and bakery including website, identity, and product packaging. Highly Persuasive absolutely nailed it. Love the website, love the visual identity, love the logo. Tons of compliments from customers & friends. If you need something similar you won't be disappointed!
Lorie Sutton
Lorie S.
Ruth Astle
Ruth A.
Joselyn Cisneros
Joselyn C.
Weldon Lyle
Weldon L.
Irene Snook
Irene S.
Jim Skversky
Jim S.
Camille Josue
Camille J.
Awng Sai
Awng S.
Ko Pyae
Ko P.
Wilson Sean
Wilson S.
Marion Jones
Marion J.
Ammy K
Ammy K
Awesome design team in Bangkok. Super responsive! 🙂
Julian Eustace
Julian E.
Very professional experience. We are entirely happy with the service Highly Persuasive Design provided. The marketing campaign we went for was both competitive and good value for our budget. We have several more upcoming marketing solutions we will need prepared in the future and we intend to work again on these with them.
Jacquelyn Estrada
Jacquelyn E.
Arnon Prakaiwan
Arnon P.
We're in the high tech manufacturing business which is not the most exciting topic for people outside of our industry, understandably so. While we were impressed with their portfolio & approach to the project, we were somewhat worried that they wouldn't know the best way to make this information interesting for our customers & partners, luckily we were very wrong!The new site looks amazing with lots of quality pictures & features. Since the launch we have had tons of complements from our customers, but more importantly the number of leads from our site has increased significantly as well!If you work in any type of high tech manufacturing or industrial manufacturing industry & need an upadated website, I would not hesitate to recommend K. Michael & K. Parichatr.
Parre Ngenge
Parre N.
Casey Meadows
Casey M.
Michele Nelson
Michele N.
Chit Chit Mar
Chit Chit M.
Gareth Charles
Gareth C.
Great insight into the medium of digital marketing and branding. We learned a lot and were extremely satisfied with the services we were given.
Ann Simpson
Ann S.
sweety pontpont
sweety P.
Ronan Mullaney
Ronan M.
Got a business web site built by Highly Persuasive. Amazing designs and great customer support. Highly recommended.

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