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What Comes Next For Small Business in [cfgeo return=”country”]?

In just a few short months, Covid-19 has shut down entire industries overnight, devastated the economy & taken the lives of more than 250,000 people around the world.

Now that we’re starting to flatten the curve, many small business owners remain cautious about what the new normal will look like and how it will affect business moving forward.

But even as lockdowns begin to ease, analysts predict that large events like conferences, tradeshows & even business travel are unlikely to return to normal until 2021.

Businesses that have traditionally relied on in-person marketing for new business development will be forced to adjust and find new ways to stay relevant to consumers over the next 12-18 months at a minimum.

In other words, it won’t be back to business as usual anytime soon and brands that fail to adapt quickly risk being left behind.

How To Adapt Your Brand To The New Normal

A recent survey by McKinsey that focused on B2B decision-makers found that more than 90% of businesses have already transitioned to a digital-first sales model as a result of Covid-19.

Those same decision-makers also cited the company’s website as the primary factor when researching and selecting new vendors online.

SVG B2B Digital Inflection exhibit 2

It’s clear that digital is more important than ever and will play a key role in reaching qualified prospects and driving sales revenue online for many businesses over the coming months. 

Companies that have a strong digital presence will be able to pivot messaging, services, & brand positioning quickly to better match customer’s mindset & buying behavior in the new normal.

Sales & marketing operations will look fundamentally different for many businesses as they shift budgets away from tradeshows, events & sponsorships to invest in digital-first content like seo, search advertising, social, video, email & content that continues to generate brand awareness over time.

Is Your Website Sending The Right Message?

When someone visits a website for the first time, it only takes them a few seconds to decide if they should stay & learn more or leave and never return. 

Some websites can lose as much as 55% of all visitors at this crucial moment, which usually happens on the homepage. This is known as your bounce rate.



You Only Get One Chance To Make A Great First Impression

One of the most important factors in business is the first impression. Most of the time for local small businesses, that first impression is happening on your website.

Does it match your visitor’s expectations? Does it ‘feel’ like a good match? Can you help solve their problem?

Just like people judge books by their covers, businesses are judged by their websites. 

When the website is the only decision-making criteria available, it’s essential to make a great first impression and get your message across quickly.

While it’s true that not all of your website visitors are actually qualified, we still want to do everything we can to persuade qualified visitors to take action by designing the site for conversion.  

Businesses that position themselves as the trusted advisor and convey trust and credibility to prospects quickly (in 7 seconds or less) are more likely to be shortlisted for the final sale.

There’s no denying that your website is an essential piece of the puzzle, but more than your website your digital marketing strategy should help you accomplish four things for your brand on a regular basis:

1. Position your brand as an authority & convey a professional brand image to prospective customers.

2. Find customers who are ready to buy right now and get them to start the conversion through phone, email, chat, or in person.

3. Keep your sales & marketing pipeline consistently full of qualified leads at various stages of the buying cycle.

4. Stay top of mind with your audience indefinitely until they’re ready to buy and through remarketing & reactivation.

Ready To Pivot Your Sales & Marketing To Online?

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