Corporate Brand Identity – Camel Intl.

Camel International is a F/B ingredients supplier in Myanmar working with major FMCG brands and specializing in food and beverage ingredients for manufacturing.

Highly Persuasive was approached to help CIM develop a new and modern brand identity encompassing the logo, corporate identity, stationery, and a number of branded applications.


Project Scope

  • Logo Design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Stationery
  • Packaging
  • Print Design
  • Editorial Design


  • Yangon,Myanmar

Corporate identity Design company 1Camel FInal Logo Master File 01Camel FInal Logo Master File 02Camel FInal Logo Master File 03Camel FInal Logo Master File 06Camel FInal Logo Master File 05Camel FInal Logo Master File 04 business card mockup 3abusiness card mockup 4abusiness card mockup 1a02 business card mockup 3business card mockup 4business card mockup 102a A4 Paper PSD MockUp206version 1 Scene 8aScene 1aScene 8Scene 3abScene 3aScene 1 envelope c4 back open front sideenvelope c4 back open sideenvelope c4 back open topenvelope c4 back side 137 vertical notepad mock up 03137 vertical notepad mock up 01137 vertical notepad mock up 04137 vertical notepad mock up 05scene01scene05scene02Rubber Stamp PSD MockUp 3mug 5phone 6phone 4phone 5f af 03f 01FrontT Shirt Front 2wb 2water bottle 1b1 b8b7b6b5b4b3b2