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What is Branding?

By Branding
What is Branding? How to build a strategic brand for your business that stands out & gets you noticed. Branding is typically thought of as a logo, name, or tagline that identifies a company or product from its competitors.  While it’s true that all of those elements form part of a brand, in reality, they’re only one small part of your greater brand identity. So what does it really mean? In The Brand Gap, Marty...
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Brand Strategy Planning Checklist Tool

By Branding
  Get The Brand Strategy Planning Checklist Planning out your brand strategy can feel daunting, but it doesn't have to be! We created this brand planning template for business owners & business leaders that need to simplify the brand development process to make it more strategic & effective. This checklist will help you: • Plan your brand strategy outline from a bird’s eye view • Understand which brand elements are most important • Narrow focus...
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Case Study: How We Got A 3,733% ROI with PPC Advertising

By PPC, Case Study
Teakwood Manufacturer Sees 3,733% Return on Investment in Less Than 60 Days with PPC Advertising from Highly Persuasive See how we achieved rapid revenue generation for a commercial wood manufacturer & contractor targeting high value commercial clients in Asia, The Middle East, Europe, Australia & the US. The Challenge GGI Myanmar is a family-owned premium hardwood manufacturer and contractor based in Yangon, Myanmar offering residential and commercial services for hardwood flooring, decking, paneling, boat decking and...
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11 Common Website Mistakes That Are Costing You Money

By Conversion & Optimization, Marketing

Your website says a lot about your business.

When customers interact with your brand for the first time online, your website has the power to make a strong first impression that sets you apart from the competition or creates a negative one that’s difficult to recover from.

People want a clear and authentic picture of what doing business with you is going to be like and if your website doesn’t present the full picture, you run the risk of losing the sale to the competitors

The good news is that many of the most common issues we find on websites are easy to fix and produce significant results once they’ve been implemented.

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Restaurant Marketing Strategy Toolkit

By Marketing, Branding
        How To Attract New Customers to Your Restaurant, Pub or Cafe Looking to bring in new customers for your restaurant, cafe or pub? Our new marketing & branding toolkit for restaurants features 18 branding, marketing, promotion & advertising ideas you can use to attract more customers & spread the word about your brand. Included is a print-ready version 18 Restaurant Marketing Strategies to Attract Customers ebook, a one-page cheat sheet &...
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18 Restaurant Marketing Strategies to Bring In New Customers

By Marketing, Branding
18 Restaurant Marketing Strategies That Bring In Customers Restauranteurs are busy. Although having a restaurant marketing strategy is a crucial part of running a business, it doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. It’s understandable. When you’re managing day by day, it can be challenging to work on growing your brand for the long term. But with more and more people looking online for somewhere to eat,  it’s essential to make sure your restaurant’s online...
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12 Lead Generation Strategies That Drive Sales for B2B

By Marketing

There are a number of lead generation strategies available for b2b brands, but it’s important to consider that all leads are not created equal. While some can attract your ideal clients who provide repeat business, recommend you to colleagues, and always pay on time, the opposite also rings true. The wrong lead gen strategy can attract unqualified buyers and clients that are difficult to deal with, draining your company and team of valuable resources..

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7 Ways Your Website Could Be Costing You Sales

By Conversion & Optimization

Your website says a lot about your business. When customers interact with your brand for the first time online, your website has the power to make a strong first impression that leads to a sale or create a negative experience that causes consumers to avoid your services entirely in favor of competitors. Every business is different and there are a number of elements to consider when designing a web page experience for a conversion, depending…

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8 Ways To Make Your Facebook Business Page More Profitable

By Branding, Marketing

Do you have a Facebook page for your business? Is it generating inquiries, leads, and website visits for your company on a regular basis? If not read on because you could be losing out on a large number of sales each month to your competitors who are using Facebook to connect with and attract new customers and there are some free and easy optimizations you can make to your Facebook page right now to increase comments, shares, likes, website visits and messages.

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