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Drive More Direct Booking
Revenue From Your
Hotel Website

We help hotels & resorts in Thailand drive more direct, commission-free bookings
from their websites with direct response marketing & advertising from Highly Persuasive.


Reach New Guests
With Hotel Google Advertising

Get your brand in front of people who are looking for hotels & resorts in your area.
Increase your bookings with a measurable Google advertising campaign from Highly Persuasive.


Capture The Magic
Of Your Property With
Hotel Video Production

Get high-quality brand photos & videos for every angle of your property. Use attention-grabbing brand collateral in your website,
promotions, social media, marketing & advertising campaigns.


Get Your Property
On Page One Of Google
With Hotel SEO/SEM

Get your brand in front of guests searching for accommodation in your local area. Optimize your website for organic SEO search to drive more direct bookings & open a completely new revenue channel for your hotel or resort.


Hotel Branding
That Stands Out &
Gets You Noticed

We help hotels & resorts in Thailand develop branding/rebranding that conveys meaning, builds trust with your audience, & sets the foundation for long-term brand loyalty from your guests.



Hotel Marketing Agency Thailand

Highly Persuasive is a resort, boutique and luxury hotel marketing agency based in Bangkok & Koh Samui, Thailand.  We help everyone from independent owners to major brands & hospitality groups stand out & get noticed online with objective-driven hotel marketing services specifically designed to help property managers raise occupancy rates, and increase brand awareness & boost direct bookings,

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Highly Persuasive is a Different Kind Of Hotel Marketing Agency

We believe that in order to be the best hotel marketing company for property owners, our hospitality marketing has to start with an obsessive understanding of your customers & what sets you apart from everyone else. Our unique approach to advertising and digital marketing services ensures your brand's distinct presence in a competitive market.

Highly Persuasive is a Marketing Agency For Hotels in Thailand Specializing in Persuasive Storytelling for Hotels & Resorts

Boost direct bookings and elevate your revenue with hotel marketing solutions from Highly Persuasive.

We specialize in hotel & luxury hotel marketing in Bangkok, Phuket, Samui & the rest of Thailand to differentiate from copycat competitors once and for all with powerful brand storytelling & digital marketing campaigns designed specifically for hotels & resorts.

Standing out from competitors, immersing guests in your experience & driving more direct bookings are no longer nice to have, they are essential for properties that want to hit the ground running in 2024

Highly Persuasive can help you rely less on commission-heavy online travel agencies & drive more results from your website, social media & advertising campaigns. Reach new audiences & boost your direct booking revenue by converting your website into the center of your direct response marketing & advertising campaigns.

Hotel Digital Marketing Agency Services

Hospitality Marketing Bangkok | Brand Discovery | Brand Strategy | Brand Design | | Brand Messaging | Brand Activation | Hotel Marketing | Hotel Advertising | Graphic Design | Hotel Social Media Marketing | Hotel Branding | Hotel Digital Marketing | Hotel Brand Positioning | Hotel Video Production | Hotel Photography | Hotel Marketing Solutions

Hotel Marketing Services

  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEO)
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Google Advertising
  • Social Advertising
  • Event Marketing
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Landing Page Design
  • Website Management
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Website Security
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • Analytics & Tag Setup
  • Brand Advertising
  • Brand Video
  • Brand Photography
  • Social Videos
  • Promo Videos
  • Staff Interviews
  • Commercials/Advertising
  • Video Profiles
  • Feature Spotlights
  • CSR Storytelling
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • TikTok Marketing
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Audience Engagement
  • FB/IG/ Stories
  • Social Contests
  • Social Giveaways
  • Influencer Collaboration
  • Property Spotlight Videos
  • Facebook/IG Live
  • Reputation Management
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Google Ads For Hotels
  • Remarketing Ads
  • Display Advertising
  • Youtube Advertising
  • Google Maps & Assistant Advertising
  • OTA Advertising
  • Print Advertising
  • Out of Home Advertising (OOH)
  • Event Advertising
  • SEO Keyword Research
  • SEO Competitor Audit
  • Technical SEO
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • SEO Schema Optimization
  • On-Site SEO Optimization
  • SEO Link Building
  • Website Content Creation

Immerse Your Guests in Brand Experience

Create beautiful photos & videos for your brand.

Attract More Customers & Drive Sales Online with Targeted Website Design

Conversion Driven Web Design in Samui

Transform your website into a highly effective sales engine for your marketing & advertising campaigns. Increase your direct sales revenue online with conversion-optimized, direct-response websites & landing pages designed to get your visitors to take action.

Conversion-Centric Websites: Transform your hotel’s online presence into a direct booking powerhouse, with a website that attracts visitors and converts them into paying guests. Reach guests actively researching accommodation in your area and build trust with strategic remarketing campaigns designed to stay top of mind in an interesting, engaging & non-repetitive manner.

Visually Stunning Presentation: Utilize professional-grade videography and photography to create an irresistible visual appeal, making your property the undeniable choice for potential guests seeking an exceptional experience.

Engaging, Story-Driven Web Design: Craft a website that doesn’t just inform but enthralls, telling your property’s unique story and solidifying your brand’s identity in the minds of your visitors.

Intelligent Data-Driven Optimization: Use analytics to fine-tune your hotel website and marketing strategies, focusing on high-performance assets that significantly elevate booking rates and revenue.

Hotel Advertising & Remarketing: Master the art of remarketing, capturing the attention of potential guests at critical decision points, and keeping your property top-of-mind until they’re ready to book.

Showcase Social Proof and Increase Brand Credibility
Integrate social proof elements directly into your website design, like reviews, ratings, customer testimonials, and stories. Social proof amplifies your brand credibility, using real-world endorsements to communicate and build trust with potential clients.

hotel marketing agency thailand

Enhance Visibility & Drive Bookings with Specialized Hotel SEO Services

SEO-Driven Hotel Websites: Elevate your hotel’s online visibility and attract more potential guests with our SEO-optimized websites. Our approach focuses on ranking your site for key search terms that travelers use when looking for accommodations in your area. Engage visitors from the moment they land on your site with content that builds trust and guides them seamlessly to book.

Impactful SEO Strategies: Implement advanced SEO tactics that go beyond basic optimization. From in-depth keyword research to creating compelling meta descriptions and titles, our strategies are designed to make your hotel’s website stand out in search engine results, drawing in potential guests who are looking for a memorable stay.

Content That Connects and Converts: Develop a website that captivates and persuades. We craft engaging, SEO-rich content that tells the story of your hotel, showcasing its unique offerings and amenities. This story-driven approach not only improves your search rankings but also resonates with your audience, encouraging them to book.

Data-Driven SEO Approaches: Utilize analytics to continuously refine your SEO strategy. We dive into data to understand what drives bookings and optimize your website accordingly. By focusing on high-performance SEO techniques, we ensure that your hotel gains increased visibility and attracts more direct bookings.

Expertise in Hotel SEO and Digital Marketing: Master the digital landscape with our comprehensive SEO and digital marketing knowledge. We stay ahead of the latest trends and algorithm updates to keep your hotel’s online presence strong, ensuring you capture the attention of guests at every stage of their booking journey.”

Hospitality Marketing Trends 2024

Effective Hotel Marketing Campaigns That Boost Bookings and Elevate Guest Experiences

Unlock the full potential of your hotel or resort with our specialized marketing campaigns, designed with the insights and priorities of hotel management in mind.

Unified Multi-Channel Strategy: Our campaigns span across digital platforms, integrating your hotel’s story into a cohesive narrative that resonates with potential guests. By synchronizing content across Google Search, social media, and other digital channels, we ensure a unified brand experience that directly influences booking decisions.

Google Search Dominance for Direct Bookings: Elevate your hotel’s visibility in Google Search and Maps. We focus on SEO and Local SEO to put your property at the forefront, capturing the attention of potential guests at the crucial decision-making stage, and driving direct bookings to reduce reliance on third-party platforms.

Tailored Social Media Engagement: Engage with guests on social media through strategic content that showcases your hotel’s unique features. From promotional videos to immersive behind-the-scenes glimpses, we create campaigns that not only increase visibility but also foster a sense of connection and desire to experience your hospitality.

Data-Driven Decision Making: Leverage insightful analytics to understand guest booking patterns and preferences. Our detailed reporting helps you identify successful strategies and areas for improvement, ensuring your marketing efforts are aligned with profitable outcomes.

Comprehensive PPC and Display Advertising: Utilize targeted PPC and display advertising to reach potential guests actively searching for accommodations. Our campaigns are designed to maximize ROI, bringing higher occupancy rates through strategically placed, compelling ads.

Optimized Campaigns for Maximum ROI: Every aspect of our marketing strategy, from keyword research to campaign setup and bid management, is optimized for the best return on your investment. We focus on converting interest into bookings, enhancing your hotel’s revenue and market presence.

Transform your hotel’s marketing approach with campaigns that not only increase bookings but also enhance the overall guest experience, reinforcing your reputation as a premier choice in hospitality.


Recent Work

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The Hub Samui: Brand Identity

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The Hub Samui- Website Design

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Have A Spar Website

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Lamai Muay Thai Website Design

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Skydive Thailand

Hotel Marketing & Advertising Services Thailand


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The Racha

The Racha 2019 1080p Ver4.2 2.00 01 39 06.Still025

Dibuk House Phuket

Event Video Services Koh Samui Highly Persuasive

Kokulo Beach Club

Aqcua 10 Year Anniversary Event Video Services Highly Persuasive.00 00 36 25.Still001

Acqua Phuket

Hotel Marketing Services in Thailand

Take back control of your direct bookings with digital marketing & advertising services for hotels & resorts designed to drive more direct revenue for your property. We’re a digital marketing agency for hotels in Thailand.


Boost your direct bookings and sales revenue with a direct response marketing website for hotels & resorts

social media marketing agency for hotels

Put strategy into action with wocial media marketing campagins designed for maxiumum engagement & reach across your target audience


Manage all of your rooms & rates in one powerful suite of hospitality management software for hoteliers & managers

brand strategy samui

Get your property on page one of Google when it matters most with pay-per-click advertising campagins.

Brand video services samui

Produce attention grabbing videos of your property for use in brand marketing, promos, advertising, social, presentations, and more.


Hotel Conversion Science

Track & test anlaytical data via Google Analytics & Google Optimize to increase your conversion rates & drive more revenue from existing customers

SEO Optimized Website Design

Rank your property on page one to open a new stream of organic revenue that only gets stronger over time

Photographer Samui

Get photography for your property to showcase in your marketing collateral including rooms, F&B, facilities, destination, activities and more.

hotel brand design agency

Brand strategy & narrative development to visual identity systems that keep your message & positioning consistent across all of your online channels.

We Work With All Types of Hotels & Resorts

Independent Owners / Hoteliers

Independent brands, property owners & hoteliers with 1-2 properties including hotels, boutique hotels, guesthouses, resorts, villas, & hostels.

Hospitality Groups

Hospitality groups with 3-10 properties including hotels, boutique hotels, resorts & villas.

Large Hospitality Groups

Larger hospitality groups with 10+ properties including hotels, boutique hotels, resorts & villas.

Digital Marketing Campaign Features For Hotels & Resorts

Digital Marketing Strategy

Plan out a complete data-driven digital marketing strategy for your hotel/resort that’s tied in with your real-world business objectives. Incorporate advanced marketing technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to develop a strategy that achieves your goals.

Buyer Personas

Give your guest demographic data a name, face & story to use in your marketing & advertising campagins

Brand Reputation Audit

Analyze the value and reputation of your brand online with a full brand reputation analysis by our marketing team. They’ll audit your entire online presence for negative comments, spam, or unproductive posts about your company and provide recommendations for how to convey trust & credibility online.

Brand Design Audit

We analyze your existing brand design across all areas of your property & look for areas of opportunities to create a more cohesive identity that looks and feels consistent to your guests.

Guest Audit

Uncover the quantitative & qualitative demographics of your guests to determine who your most profitable guests are, where they live & why they choose to stay with you.

Messaging Audit

Examine your brand messaging & communication to understand your key talking points, tone of voice and other important brand attributes.

Brand Presence Audit

We create an innovative digital marketing strategy for your business starting with a comprehensive audit of your online brand presence. The goal is to develop a competitive and custom strategy for your business.

Brand Strategy Audit

We take an in-depth look at your existing brand strategy to understand your core brand attributes Purpose, Perception, Personality, Position, and Promotion,

Competitor Audit

Get actionable insights into the performance of your competitors online and on social media with our detailed competitor audit. We’ll look for glaring weaknesses & disadvantages that can be converted into opportunities for your property.

Brand Video Strategy

Keep your videos looking consistent and on-brand across different productions & video makers. Tap into the power of storytelling for your audience with an advanced brand video strategy.

Brand Video & Photography

Shoot high-quality footage of your property & capture your brand on film. Get video walkthroughs and full photography packs for each one of your rooms, restaurant, bar, pool, fitness, grounds, aerial & more.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Plan out a complete social media marketing strategy for your hotel/resort that’s tied in with your real-world business objectives. Incorporate advanced marketing technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to develop a strategy that achieves your goals.

Social Media Profile Setup & Optimization

Maximize the features of each platform to increase your reach & present a cohesive & content brand presence across platforms. If your company’s new to social media, we will create and set up a social media account for your business utilizing best practices.

Social Media Profile Branding

Improve brand awareness & create a sense of consistency with a custom cover photo and profile photo design for your social media profiles. If your social media accounts already feature a professional, on-brand cover and profile photo, your dedicated social media specialist will optimize these images for social media.

Social Media Marketing Posts

Engage your audience with unique and on-brand posts created specifically for your business. Every month, our social media marketing team creates between 10 to 60 posts (depending on your plan) for your social media accounts. Social media posts can include updates, photos, videos, promotions, offers, stories, contests, giveaways, brand awareness, audience engagement, & many more. No post will go live without your team’s approval.

Social Media Post Images & Graphics

Capture your audience’s attention on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Tiktok, Twitter, Pinterest, and more with custom images/graphics for your social media posts. Our design team creates on-brand images & graphics that express the point of the post visually.

Social Media Videos

Produce short social-centered videos for your brand that highlight promotional offers, rates, or individual features of your property or experience. Use these 7-15 second videos in your marketing and advertising campaigns to increase brand awareness & nudge visitors to take action.

Dedicated Account Manager

Your dedicated social media account manager will advise you on your strategy, performance & results. We can help your business make the most of its marketing and advertising strategy on various social media networks.

Campaign Monitoring

Get hourly/daily/weekly monitoring of your social media marketing campaigns to check up on performance and interactions on the posts they produced for your business.

Campaign Management

Use data science & conversion rate optimization to continuously improve the performance of your marketing & advertising campagins.

Campaign Reporting

  • Get an in-depth look into the performance of your campaigns with KPIs that actually matter. Our campaign dashboards make it easy to see your most important statistics at a glance without having to drive into Google Analytics.
  • Sessions
  • Booking Engine Visits
  • Revenue
  • Contact Form Submissions
  • Click To Call
  • OTA Bookings
  • Direct Bookings
  • Cost Per Booking
  • Goal Completions
  • Time On Site
  • & many More

Hotel Marketing Agency Thailand – Get Full Service Digital Marketing & Advertising Campaigns For Hotels & Resorts

Implement a strategic marketing and advertising campaign for your property that’s custom-designed for hotels & resorts & spans multiple channels, all working together to help you convert. We’ll help you reach your target audience, increase brand awareness, stay top of mind with remarketing & drive direct booking revenue from your website. Take back control of your reservations with direct response marketing & advertising for hotels from Highly Persuasive.


Some Of Our Clients


What marketing services do you offer for hotels?

How does SEO benefit my hotel's online presence?

Can you manage social media for my hotel?

Absolutely. We offer complete social media management, including content creation, community engagement, and targeted advertising campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

What kind of video content do you produce for hotels?

How will a custom website design improve my hotel's booking rates?

Do you offer PPC and display advertising for hotels?

How do you track the success of marketing campaigns?

Can you help with local SEO for my hotel?

How often will we review and adjust our marketing strategy?

Our Clients:

Great job with the new website as the old one took ages to load and didn't display correctly on mobile. I really like the layout and how it kind of 'flows'

Hassan MirzaOwner - Have A Spar

The brand identity that Highly Persuasive developed & designed for us is exactly the type of image we wanted to convey for the Beestro. Highly recommended!

Christopher O'LearyCo-Founder--The Beestro Bangkok

"We've been working with Highly Persuasive for almost 2 years many of our potential clients and guests visited our website & always comment on the website"

Aung Soe KyawDirector--GGI Myanmar

"Our monthly subscriptions for new customers signups increased substantially from 7 to 22 in the first month alone. This was almost exclusively due to the landing page redesign and subsequent graphic enhancements!"

Nat SilapornMarketing Manager-- Fitness First

"Our content marketing strategy was lacking in authenticity and value. We brought on Highly Persuasive as a marketing consultant who opened our eyes to the value of inbound marketing. As I write this (2 months post campaign), we have seen a dramatic increase in not only the quantity of organic traffic, but more importantly, the quality."

Phil HobbingMarketing Manager -- Alvarez & Marshall Singapore

"I find your services are amazing. You are way better than our local services. I find the money is worthy spent. We can always get what we want with you. Not so expensive. And very responsive."

Aung TheinManaging Director - Kaung Swan Htet Trading Co.

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