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The Four-Phase Strategic Branding Process For Business

By Branding
Our Strategic Branding Process How to build a strategic brand for your business that stands out & gets you noticed. Branding is typically thought of as a logo, name or tagline that identifies a company or product from its competitors.  While it’s true that all of those elements form part of a brand, in reality they’re only one small part of your greater brand identity. So what does it really mean? In The Brand Gap,...
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12 Lead Generation Strategies That Drive Sales for B2B

By Marketing

There are a number of lead generation strategies available for b2b brands, but it’s important to consider that all leads are not created equal. While some can attract your ideal clients who provide repeat business, recommend you to colleagues, and always pay on time, the opposite also rings true. The wrong lead gen strategy can attract unqualified buyers and clients that are difficult to deal with, draining your company and team of valuable resources..

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7 Elements of Great Branding & Identity Design

By Branding, Conversion & Optimization
Introduction   If you're a startup or small business owner, you probably already know that getting a logo design or re-design for your business can be a difficult process. There are no shortage of designers that can provide you with a logo. But are they actually considering all the strategic factors that determine the design that best represents your business?  Probably not. Good marketers know that every touch point between your potential customers and your...
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