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With Google Advertising for Hotels

Get your brand in front of people that are actively searching Google for accommodation in your area. Drive direct bookings through Google's hotel booking module.

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Google Ads For Hotels

Highly Persuasive is a hotel advertising agency in Bangkok & Koh Samui. Get in front of new guests online & stay top of mind with strategic advertising services for hotels and resorts of all sizes.

SEO Optimized Website Design

Advanced PPC Search & Remarketing

Setup or optimize your search & remarketing campaigns to connect with active buyers who are searching for the services you sell right now.


Local Services Ads

Local Services ads are new ads for select service businesses that appear above the Google search results. 

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80/20 Conversion Optimization

We apply 80/20 thinking to Google Advertising campaigns & conversion optimization to uncover small changes that can lead to massive increases in sales revenue.

SEO schema setup

Advanced Campaign Reporting

Each month we provide detailed progress reports documenting your campaign progress and our strategic recommendations on how to improve the campaign moving forward.

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Landing Page Optimization

In order to boost conversions from your paid ad campaigns, we’ll set up and optimize your landing page to focus on converting visitors into leads & prospects.

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YouTube Advertising

Run video ads on Youtube to reach potential customers & get them to take action when they watch or search for videos you’re targeting.

  • SEO Keyword Research
  • Ad Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Search Campaign Setup
  • Display Campaign Setup
  • Hotel Booking Links Setup
  • Ad Copywriting
  • Remarketing Setup
  • Ad Dashboard Setup
  • Google Tag Manager Setup
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Display Ad Design
  • Remarketing Ad Design
  • Headlines & CTA’s
  • Campaign Budget Setup
  • Manual Cost Per Click Setup
  • Ad Group Setup
  • Writing Ad Headlines
  • Writing Ad Description
  • Sitelink Extensions
  • Conversion Testing Setup
  • Callout Extensions
  • Conversion Recommendations
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Monthly Consulting
  • Audience Insights
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA

Get Your Property On The First Page of Google When It Matters Most

Increase your brand awareness in Google search & drive direct bookings through Google advertising campaigns for hotels & resorts. Get your property on page one when it matters most & keep your brand top of mind with guests that are searching for accommodation in your local area.

  • PPC Campaign Setup
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Sales Budget Strategy
  • Clear ROI Reporting
  • Data Tracking
  • Campaign Optimisation
Hotel PPC Advertising

Show Direct Booking Ads Across Google Search, Maps & Voice Assistant

Hotel Direct Booking Ads help you connect with guests searching for accommodation in your area. Your ads will show up for customers in your area, and you only pay if a customer contacts you directly through the ad.

Show up on Google Search. Your ads appear on Google when local customers search for accommodation. Be there when they need you most.

Get high-quality bookings direct from guests:  Guests who search and find you on Google can contact you directly, so you can book commission-free reservations on your website.

Only pay for results. You only pay when a customer gets in touch directly from your ad, so you can focus on real results for your business.

Remarketing Campaigns To Stay Top Of Mind & Drive Conversions

Whether you’re looking to drive sales, increase registrations, or promote brand awareness, targeting visitors that have already interacted with your brand through your website, social or content can be an excellent way to boost conversions for your brand.

Targeted reach/Well-timed targeting
Show ads to people who’ve already interacted with your website when they’re searching on google and are more likely to make a purchase. You can also help customers find you by showing them your ads when they are actively looking for your business on Google Search.

Focused Retargeting Advertising
Create segments for advertising to specific personas. For example, you may target people who added spent time on a service page, completed an action, or added something to their cart. We can also segment by behavior such as time spent on a page, depth of pages visited, and more.

Professional Google Advertising Services in Thailand
Highly Persuasive is a Google advertising company that specializes in creating & running smarter digital advertising campaigns by using strategic buying keywords and advertising copy that works to drive revenue in real-time.

Once the initial campaign is set up and delivered, we’ll optimize your ads, bids, and keywords to maximize results within your ad budget. Promoting your brand with paid advertising is a great way to increase your digital revenue

  • Campaign Setup and Optimisation
  • Return on Investment Reporting via Digital Dashboard
  • Budget Strategy, Optimisation & Reporting
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Google Ads Company Bangkok
Google Optimize Services for Google Ads
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Improve Your Campaign Results & Performance Over Time With Conversion Optimization

Improve your campaign performance and effectiveness with conversion optimization of all aspects of your Google Ads campaigns and landing page. We’re constantly tracking & monitoring all aspects of your campaign performance, ads, budget, keywords, extensions, times, demographics, locations, formats, and tons of other data. 

Using a data-driven approach, we can amplify what’s working & eliminate what isn’t, testing out ideas in Google Optimize to ensure they produce results.


  • Headlines
  • Copy
  • Images
  • Keywords
  • Ad Text
  • Pages
  • Offers
  • Messaging
  • Landing Pages
  • Audience

Get In-Depth Visual Ad Campaign Reporting Via Google Data Studio

Visualize your Google Advertising campaign performance with a comprehensive reporting dashboard via Google Data Studio that you have access to 24/7 & that’s unique to Highly Persuasive.

See all of your most important data in a comprehensive & visual report so you can easily see campaign performance at a glance and quickly understand which channels are driving revenue & where more investment might make sense.

Get monthly consulting & recommendations on the performance of your campaigns from our senior Google Ads account managers.

How We're Different

We're a full service branding, marketing and advertising agency for hotels. Beyond Google Advertising, we can help you create a full scale, multi-channel campaign designed to maximize your awareness & drive bookings for your property across different channels.

Reviews & Ratings

Highly Persuasive
Based on 58 reviews
All commissioned designs exceeded our expectations and were very well received by our shareholders! Thanks again!
We needed a brand refreshment for our coffee shop and bakery including website, identity, and product packaging. Highly Persuasive absolutely nailed it. Love the website, love the visual identity, love the logo. Tons of compliments from customers & friends. If you need something similar you won't be disappointed!
We recently had a new logo done for our financial services website as it was greatly in need of a refresh. We ended up going with the mini-branding package that also included letterhead and business. In the end, the result is very impressive, and that was after we had to correct an error made on our part for the address, which required them to go back and revise everything again. Very professional and fast to respond to messages as well.
Excellent service with professional workmanship and 24 hours after sales services gives us the satisfaction .
Highly Persuasive is your one stop solution for any branding and creative digital marketing work! We are very happy with the overall outcome of our projects - 100% recommend!
Great insight into the medium of digital marketing and branding. We learned a lot and were extremely satisfied with the services we were given.
It’s been a great experience working with your team. We have learned a great deal and really appreciate everyone’s hard work in helping out. Highly recommended. Thanks so much!
Very professional experience. We are entirely happy with the service Highly Persuasive Design provided. The marketing campaign we went for was both competitive and good value for our budget. We have several more upcoming marketing solutions we will need prepared in the future and we intend to work again on these with them.
Got a business web site built by Highly Persuasive. Amazing designs and great customer support. Highly recommended.
The brand identity that Highly Persuasive designed for us was exactly the type of image and style we wanted to convey. Excellent work!
Awesome design team in Bangkok. Super responsive! 🙂

From Our Clients:

The brand identity that Highly Persuasive developed & designed for us is exactly the type of image we wanted to convey for the Beestro. Highly recommended!

Christopher O'LearyCo-Founder--The Beestro Bangkok

"We've been working with Highly Persuasive for almost 2 years many of our potential clients and guests visited our website & always comment on the website"

Aung Soe KyawDirector--GGI Myanmar

"Our monthly subscriptions for new customers signups increased substantially from 7 to 22 in the first month alone. This was almost exclusively due to the landing page redesign and subsequent graphic enhancements!"

Nat SilapornMarketing Manager-- Fitness First

"Our content marketing strategy was lacking in authenticity and value. We brought on Highly Persuasive as a marketing consultant who opened our eyes to the value of inbound marketing. As I write this (2 months post campaign), we have seen a dramatic increase in not only the quantity of organic traffic, but more importantly, the quality."

Phil HobbingMarketing Manager -- Alvarez & Marshall Singapore

"I find your services are amazing. You are way better than our local services. I find the money is worthy spent. We can always get what we want with you. Not so expensive. And very responsive."

Aung TheinManaging Director - Kaung Swan Htet Trading Co.

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